SeedShare is an experimental software-as-a-service project aiming to go to market as a community-driven seed sharing/swapping platform cooperative. It is currently being tested as a minimum viable product. SeedShare is seeking specific features fit for user adoption and product market fit, solving specific issues related to social networking and the creation of new social niches centred around food sovereignty with the internet. It is a bottom-up led community research project investigating deeper into the possibilities of how networked collaboration and the commons can transform our food systems and increase plant biodiversity.

Focus on Bio-Physical Feedback Loops and Information Processing

The focus is in understanding how computational and algorithmic feedback loops could benefit us agents (user) in the form of rewards and incentives to continually renew generations of seeds via seed saving, aiming to enhance the experience for seed savers who are already diligently carrying out the work to guard and protect seed species' from extinction.

SeedShare is not just an online platform for sharing seeds, but a deeper investigation into how the tools and software we currently have at our use could be symbiotically related in nature.

It is an enquiry into how computation could serve as information processors of physical information (seeds and genetic information), as well as through information encoded in the form of bits (binary digits in the form of 0s and 1s in code), so that it becomes fractally recursive and regenerative, to support the generation of more life and natural assets. 

Planting Information, Growing Networks

César Hidalgo from his book Why Information Grows suggests that "it is hard for us humans to separate information from meaning because we cannot help interpreting messages. We infuse messages with meaning automatically... Meaning emerges when a message reaches a life-form or a machine with the ability to process information." Seeds are not messages but are information carriers enclosed inside biological matter, carrying the genetic material in which the process of fractal recursion and the regenerative life-giving properties emerge in the form of plant matter. 


With the alarming direction towards a climate crisis and our ecological collapse as a result of humanity's inability to manage our global thermodynamic balance (increased entropy and heat emitted) from our extractive industrial systems, we know that it is time for us to envision a new story of our future, that reverses and solves these issues towards ecological stability and order. This is the optimistic story of humanity's stewarding of earth, being of planetary service by the micro-habits of saving seeds and conversing plant-life.

To begin this stewarding process of guarding our natural habitats from extinction we must find other means of networked collaboration to prevent the cascading towards monocultures that inhibit biodiversity and the continuous creation of life.

Guarding our Earth by Stewarding

There is something which humanity can do in preventing this point of no return - of ecological instability, and that involves going back to the land, tending to soil and reconnecting with the power of the seed in its potency for nourishing and regenerating more life. Get to know your local growers, where your food comes from and grow some yourself, as an act of independence from the corporate domination nature faces. Find the seeds you wish to plant and discover the stories and the cultures that come with it.

Visit SeedShare and join us by signing up to become a Seed Guardian. 


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