Note: the project outline will be approached chronologically (linear) as well as non-chronologically (circular).



The seed is the source of all things, the potential lifeforce before germinating and sprouting into manifest physicality. We need to protect our heirloom seeds and preserve the knowledge and ecological wisdom passed down from our elders. Without the existence of seeds there would be no emergence of life. Seeds are encoded with DNA and information waiting to emerge into its phases and regenerate into ever more life giving properties. All seeds are unique and genetically diverse, so each seed species carries vital information about the place and the people it has come from. We are currently developing a seed sharing and exchange platform.


Once a seed and knowledge ecosystem is initiated we can better focus on how to make the food grown by our seed savers more accessible, further increasing economic possibilities of exchanging food for seeds and even food for food without the need for money.

A food and seed barter exchange with some type of digitised, tokenised credit that is backed, stable and reliable by actual physical currency would be necessary as a futures contract agreement between peer-to-peer exchanging parties. 


We will move towards creating an incrementally better digital ecosystem enabling data sovereignty (democratised access to one's individual data) followed by the better organising and allocation of physical assets onto a digital platform. As we already know, our user data and information is becoming more valuable than oil. Companies are finding ways to extract value out of Big Data, but for us the focus would be to enable users their rightful ownership and control over their data, setting their own rules for who and what gets access to it. Fair and just data utility is already being explored by various decentralised finance projects like blockchain and the post-blockchain holochain

This phase would normally be expected to come before initiating seed/food sovereignty as more people begin to come online sharing valuable information on seed lineage and their seed stories, however the urgency to protect seeds and our rights food security feels far greater as the looming threat of biodiversity loss accelerates whilst the ever increasing control and ownership of our seeds and data progresses. The act of reclaiming our rights to our land is vital along with the rights to our data.


This narrative structure helps you and I begin our focus on each connecting phase throughout the journey, preferably approached non-linearly. 

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