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We will be hosting event meet-ups and gatherings with the intention to envision and co-create the future for food in the city and for rural farmers with a particular interest in restoring soil and biodiversity. Gatherings will be educational and structured to achieve improved community synergy and awareness of our food crisis. 

Event / Meet-Up Themes:

  1. Creating a New Story / Narrative - We know the old structures no longer serve or future-proof us. How can we create a brand new narrative that enables new mental models that supports the wellbeing of humanity and all life on land? What is a regenerative economy and where can technology fit its purpose here? This will be centred on all SDGs with particular focus on food, zero hunger, life on land, sustainable cities and partnership for the goals.

  2. A Regenerative Economy - How can we go from extractive to restorative for total thrivability for all life on land? This particular event will emphasise the importance of decentralisation in community-driven governance and food systems, with a focus on how such communities driven by permaculture and own-grown food could create the most value.

  3. Making Farming Exciting - How can we encourage a new generation and wave of 21st century farmers that actually care about the health of life on our planet? What innovative approaches could we use to create a new food culture for the youth?

  4. Fractalisation of Communities - How can we use current technology innovations to enable more decentralised communities? Can hyperlocal and global cooperation be the solution? What are holarchical organisations and how can such frameworks be applied within our current context?

  5. Insights and Next Few Steps - Analyse the data and refine the next actionable steps for cross-pollinating with experts. This is where teams solidify and those who resonate with each other the most work together.












At this stage we would already have an idea of what we want to build and bring into materialisation. What started from ideas in the previous gatherings will turn into various mini-projects, initiatives, documentations and partnerships that aim to achieve specific target outcomes centred on the main SDGs we intend to achieve. At this point, we will gain some insight from industry experts, local governments etc.

After gaining relevant insight and improving the ideas, it is time to implement them and provide the suitable foundation and infrastructure to achieve the goals.  This is also a crucial time for learning what works and does not work with current policies and creating or informing for new policies and governance models that enable us to target the necessary SDGs.


This is also the phase to gather and allocate necessary resources and funding to invent new frameworks and models that enable the transition from a transaction-based monetary system to a real-asset backed value and monetary system. We will consider bringing in new innovative technologies in crypto-economics with accounting techniques such as REA (Resources, Events, Agents) and mutual credit to account for the value being distributed equitably in an egalitarian system. 









This is the stage where impact and change is being made by our actions taken from our structured ideas. This is an important time to record and reflect on our progress.

This is where ripple effect takes place and information / outcomes of our actions turn into replicable frameworks that others can adopt for their own bioregion. This is where we expand our community to follow the steps for a more synergistic, regenerative and holistic future for food.




A bio-economic food system that promotes mutual win-win solutions for the commons is not very far away if we can collaborate on multiple levels and deeply listen to communities most vulnerable from the climate crisis. Through this intent we can improve the wellbeing and livelihoods of those working for our soil. Balance and equanimity through civilian empowerment and a vibrant food culture based on nature's holistic principles can be achieved.

Let us achieve power the future through hyper-intelligence  and ecological wisdom, let us co-create a more empathicically resonant world, leveraging the magic of technology for a prosperous and abundant future for all.

Let us dance to the rhythms of a harmonised collective and 'jive' to the planetary unity of our bioregional communities.


'Hyper' comes from the word 'hyperintelligence' coined by James Lovelock, author of Novacene and The Gaia Hypothesis / 'Groove' is an informal verb derived from the act of a dancing.