We are creating a platform that supports the growth of an emerging regenerative paradigm and a sustainable, holistic food system. Our mission is to create new social dynamics and new narratives around local food, encouraging more empathic, receptive and mindful action that supports renewable agricultural and land management practices that heals the soil and nourishes our bodies. We plan to educate, share and grow with our local and global community in order to safeguard our planet, starting with empowering individuals from all backgrounds as unique agents of change, incentivising community wellbeing and intimacy with the land that will emerge an evolved food culture based on local, organic, own-grown, urban foods adapted to our information age.

We believe that as a collective, we can create the cybernetic informational communication and computing frameworks that reforms these agri-food industries according to nature’s coherent, self-organising with emergent properties of intricate order and along with its variation of minimal effort and maximum grace. Our platform will serve as a medium for signalling and activating co-creational feedback-loops for enhanced social engagement that serves for unifying, moving beyond silos, separation and compartmentalisation.

The models we will follow will include the traditional CSA (community-supported agriculture) layer and REA accounting techniques where a common goal for food harvest is shared and achieved through community and shared resources, moving the gardening paradigm from ownership to access and guardianship. This enables food sovereignty as well as data sovereignty which is much needed in this current Age of Information. Agents (users) should be able to authorise their data privately, share their important information and resources to fulfil specific commitments without obligations to commit to a third-party that will mishandle data for extractive commercial benefits. The platform should allow a shape-shifting food web that is configurable and interoperable through emergent engineering and modular design to fit and adapt to the needs of specific and diverse communities across local regions.

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