An interdisciplinary creative research project seeking technical solutions for the health of our food systems and the regeneration of life.

Our world's soils are depleting, the health of the planet is deteriorating and systems are becoming more complex to navigate than ever. However, the solutions are systemic. 

Key focus

Biomimicry design

Emergent engineering

Food & data sovereignty

Swarm, collective intelligence​

Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK)

Mutual credit & community-supported-agriculture


Coming Soon

A fully decentralised seed-sharing and swapping platform for food sovereignty and community resilience.

Systemic Solutions

“Systemic trouble, the kind that can only be addressed with systemic solutions, not more point-focused problem-solving.” ~ John Fullerton

Increasing entropy

Chaotic point


Stable point

“This web of life, the most complex system we know of in the universe, breaks no law of physics, yet is partially lawless, ceaselessly creative.” ~ Stuart A. Kauffman, Reinventing the Sacred

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